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I was first introduced to Osteopathic medicine in 1999 while working as a physical therapist in Orlando, FL.  I had become quite ill and despite multiple visits with internal medicine physicians and specialists, the source of my illness had remained a mystery.  Things were looking rather hopeless until a friend suggested a visit with an Osteopathic family medicine physician by the name of Joseph Grasso.  


It was an unusual doctor’s visit.  Joe asked me a few questions and gently placed his hands on my head, my abdomen and my legs.  To my pleasant surprise by the end of that first treatment my symptoms were appreciably better.  After further treatment my symptoms resolved completely.  Over the course of our sessions I developed a strong desire to learn more about Dr. Grasso's approach so I could apply it to my physical therapy patients, so much so that I eventually asked Joe if he would teach me how to treat Osteopathically.  His response surprised me.  Joe told me he would be happy to teach me but only after I was accepted to Osteopathic school.  Thus began a life long exploration into the nature of “Health.”


After some deep soul searching I made the decision to leave my career in physical therapy and applied to become a member of the upcoming Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine class in the fall of 2001.  Dr. Grasso kept his promise and my formal Osteopathic instruction began almost immediately.  Throughout my education at PCOM and Warren Hospital Family Medicine Residency in New Jersey I traveled to New Hampshire, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, and Maine to take courses and treat patients with Joe.  Over the more than two decades of our association, his generosity has been superhuman and I count him as a dear friend.  I have studied with dedicated Osteopaths from all over the world including Australia, Norway, France, Holland, Japan and Russia.  Osteopathy speaks to us in the universal language of organization, balance and Health.


Our task as "traditional" Osteopaths is to help the patient express their Healthy pattern.  We accomplish this through Osteopathic treatment but the Healthy pattern can also be supported by other interventions and healthy behaviors.  These include supplements, botanicals, conventional pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, therapeutic exercise prescription, safe sunlight, proper hydration, meditation and relaxation techniques as well as proper nutrition.  These interventions can serve as a bridge from illness to Health.  I believe that combining the least toxic external interventions, via the integrative/functional medicine model, with behavioral counseling and Osteopathic treatment leads to the best patient outcomes.

Experience and Education
Professional Certifications and Memberships 

July 2008-December 2020

Staff Family Medicine Physician-Granville Family Health (Glens Falls Hospital) Granville, NY


Warren Hospital Family Medicine Residency-Phillipsburg, NJ

Board Certification

Board Certified In Family Medicine via the American Board of Family Medicine

Professional Memberships

Institute for Functional Medicine

American Osteopathic Association


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine-Philadelphia, PA


Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist-Orlando Regional Medical Center, Orlando, FL


Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist-Rehability, Orlando, FL


Masters of Science-Physical Therapy

Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY


Bachelors of Science-Clinical Science

Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY

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